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Watch How A Monkey Saves His Friend’s Life In This Amazing Incident In Kanpur

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  A monkey in Kanpur has turned into a hero overnight after it saved another monkey. The other monkey here was electrocuted when it was walking on high tension wires at the Kanpur railway station Thi...

Real Life Mermaid Melissa Footage on Tropical Island

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It reeled in the network’s biggest audience in its 17-year history and caused an immediate Twitter frenzy that is still trending today. But Animal Planet’s Sunday ‘documentary’ about the existence of mermaids w...

This Is What Happens When You Ask Guys To Kiss Other Guys For The First Time

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A couple of the guys had been friends since high school…   These guys knew each other from the gym…   And these guys were meeting each other for the very first time…     ...

30 Wishes Every Indian Hopes Will Come True In 2015

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The year is almost at an end and heck, it was a crazy roller coaster ride. While we had cool things like the successful Mars Orbiter mission, international recognition for Kailash Satyarthi, the Supreme Court recogniz...

15 Wise Quotes By Most Influential People In The World

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    The road to success is not straight. Our mind is one such muddle of perplexed veins, where hell and heaven reside together. And to straighten your brain noodles, all you need is wisdom. Wisdom i...

13 Highly Sexist Quotes About Men That Are Complete Bullshit

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  What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you read the word 'sexist'? Women? Stereotypes about women? Discrimination against women? Feminism? A lot of us completely overlook the fact...

10 Everyday Problems Only An Overly Honest Person Will Understand

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There's this thing about telling the truth. The truth is always good, but it's also almost always bitter. Overly honest people can't lie just for the sake of it. They like to tell the truth and a lot of times, it gets...

15 Underrated Destinations In India Every Traveler Must Check Out

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India has no dearth of beautiful travel destinations. Some are more popular and more commercialized than others. That in no way implies that the lesser-known places have anything less to offer; just that they haven't ...

14 Pictures That Tell Us Ramayana Might Have Actually Happened

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There is a great deal of debate about whether there is any historical accuracy in the story of Ramayana. For many of us, this is a no-brainer. The fact that our elders had told us the heroic story of Lord Ram's victor...

12 Reasons Why We All Need To Experience A Bad Relationship At Least Once In Our Lives

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Relationships can be tricky. The right one can take you places, and the wrong one, well, it can leave you shattered. However, there is one good thing about a bad relationship  - it teaches us a lot. A relationship gon...

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