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6 Posters You Will Agree With If You’ve Ever Taken A Mumbai Local

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  Anyone who has ever been on a Mumbai local will never forget what it was like. Travelling on one of those crowded trains is an experience in itself. If you've ever taken the Mumbai local, here are 6 posters ...

Raghu-Rajiv Are Being Replaced by Esha Deol On Roadies. Here are Alternate Career Options For Them

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Yes it's official. The two French-bearded men with no hair will no longer be abusing younger boys and girls (mostly with hair) on national television. Raghu and Rajiv have decided to quit MTV Roadies. Yes, believe it....

12 Things Indian Students Say During Exams

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It's that time of the year again and the dreaded exams are finally here! Last-minute studies, getting notes photocopied, rattofying them, making chits and scribbling answers on the table minutes before the exam begins...

15 Things We Begin But Can Never Finish

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Finish what you start. As much as you may try, there are certain things you just can't seem to finish. At times you just give up and slimily walk away. And sometimes, you realize there's just no end to it. How many...

Desi Interstellar Memes Are Here And They Are Hilarious

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      Some loved it and some hated it. Some didn't understand it and some pretended they did. Whatever be the case, everyone seems to be talking about Christopher Nolan's recent sci-fi flick, I...

What You Expect From Your First Foreign Trip And What You Actually Get

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Your first foreign trip is like your first time; it never meets your expectations, but you're still glad it happened. Also, you lie about it. If you're going for a long duration, you'll realize how much you miss Indi...

16 Weird Things That Only Happen When You Are Travelling On Public Transport

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Public transport is just a representation of the society, except on wheels. Weird things happen when people travel on vehicles that are not theirs. They talk loudly across the compartments on trains. Some lurk around ...

22 Awkward Situations That We Find Ourselves In, All The Time

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If you can go through a dinner with your ex's parents AND your current partner at YOUR house, in your PAJAMAS; clearly, nothing affects you. But for normal people, some everyday situations become too awkward to handle...