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This Is What Happens When You Ask Guys To Kiss Other Guys For The First Time

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A couple of the guys had been friends since high school…   These guys knew each other from the gym…   And these guys were meeting each other for the very first time…     ...

Here Are India’s 10 Most Searched People On Google In 2014

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With so much going on in the country, Indians remained hooked to Google in the year 2014. Owing to historic general elections and high profile weddings, keenly anticipated movies to shocking celeb break ups, India sea...

12 Signs You Absolutely Hate Wedding Season

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Wedding season is here, but some of us are not so excited about the news like the rest of us. For some of us, wedding season means chaos, traffic, dressing up, shopping and socialising, basically all the things we hat...

16 Things You End Up Doing Instead Of Studying Before Exams

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I have tried combinations of almost everything to make it work better. I once tried going all the way to a temple, which was 100 odd kms from my place to get my concentrating skills in place; surprisingly nothing work...

13 Things You Face When You’re Friends With A Talkative Person

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Yap yap yap yap yap yap. If this is how your friend sounds in your head when they’re telling you a story or an incident or even their view point, 1) You are a brave person for putting up with their constant tal...

10 Things Every Brahmin Who Eats Non-Veg Experiences

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One of the most ‘sinful’ things you can do in India is to eat non-veg being a Brahmin! Sounds shitty, but pretty true. People are always ready to pass judgmental looks and comments. Logic, reality and self deci...

23 Celebrity Name Puns That Will Make You Laugh Your Guts Out

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Bollywood has never failed to entertain us, and once again we have some great entertainment in the name of some famous Bollywood stars. We stumbled upon some hilarious photos on imgur, and couldn’t stop ourselves from...

14 Things That Happen When You’re Friends With A Smoker

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There is always that one friend in our lives who earns the title of “chimney”. That’s right. They earn it because when it comes to smoking they are an unstoppable force. They need a smoke in the morning (to accompany ...